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Jason Hodges

I was born and raised in Southern California. I served in the United States Air Force in the 90’s

and after my 4 year commitment was over, started a career in law enforcement. During that

time, I earned my private pilot certificate in 2001. Years later I earned my instrument rating,

single and multi commercial, and my CFII and MEI. I was a part time instructor for several years

but due to family commitments, I let the ratings lapse. Fast forward to the last couple years.

New job, new home in Idaho and a continuing desire to fly on a regular basis. When my family

and I moved to Idaho, I went looking for a place to rent a nice airplane. What I found were

successful flight schools with planes booked for their students or flying clubs with extremely

long wait lists. I then found a great flight school/ rental operation out of KEUL Caldwell Airport.

After renting their Cessna 172 a few times, I realized a growing need in the Treasure Valley. The need for more CFI’s and rental aircraft.

Cornerstone Aero Ventures was born. I was inspired by my friend Carl to reinstate my CFI

certificate and start this business. I will continue to study and train until I reinstate my CFI and

will be available to train private and commercial students. Until then, the aircraft is available to

rent to certificated pilots. We are also putting together a list of local CFI’s that want to be a part

of this new venture. Looking forward to meeting you and one day, flying with you. Blue Skys!



"What a truly incredible time with Cornerstone Aero. Jason was very patient in explaining the checklist and  rental protocols. Loved flying to the Snake River. Can’t wait to go again, perhaps with a fly rod! "

- Scott B

“It was an amazing experience! I was not nervous because of the instructor’s confidence. The feeling of flying in a small plane is something people should try to experience because it is so incredible! The soundtrack to Top Gun was playing in my head the whole time.”

- Kendra M.

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